Softensity Redesign Case Study

The Client

Softensity offers excellence, quality and best in class performance. They are a one-stop shop for anything development including software, mobile app, web and custom development.

Softensity Case Study Intro

The Challenge

This project began with the request to simply update the aesthetics of the site. Softensity specializes in the latest and greatest development technologies and methods. The owners wanted to have their website reflect their modern capabilities.

What we discovered upon further examination, was that the site's ability to push a user down the conversion funnel was very weak. With roughly 64% of the overall site traffic leaving the site after viewing just one page. The research will be covered later, but this led us to discover more issues with the site than the owners were originally aware of.

The website also was not fully responsive. With 53% of the site's traffic originating from phones and tablets, there was a definite need to design and develop a responsive refresh.

Finally, the large amount of offerings and the desire to elaborately explain Softensity's message and mission required us to get creative with organizing content throughout the site.

The Research

As mentioned in the challenges section, there were other site usability issues that were discovered when some deep diving research was done. Looking at the analytics determined that bounce rates were high and conversion rates were extremely low at 1.3%. Softensity had not invested much time into montioring the performance of their site and what kind of dividends it yielded them.

Using heat mapping, it was determined that the form on the home page was getting almost no interaction. The positioning above the fold was a good start, but the numerous fields and other visual aspects led users to deny completion of the form.

Softensity Old Designs

The Approach

After indentifying weak points of the site, I went through and created a site map in order ot better organize the information. Next, we created mobile-first wireframes which were then translated digitally.

Softensity Sketch Prototype

The Testing

We utilized self-testing for the prototypes we had developed. The budget did not allow us to hire outside help, we had those team members who were unfamiliar with the project participate in in-person usability evaluations.

The Results

We compiled the analytics 3 months after the launch of the redesigned site. Our findings indicated that the UI changes greatly improved the navigability of the site's content. Also the addiiton of a hamburger menu with a large call to action for mobile increased the mobile conversion rate to 7.1%.

Peak New Designs

Softensity Website

Responsive Website

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Team: Jason Guevara

Role: Visual design, UI/UX design

Client: Softensity

Year: 2016

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Designed in the ATL.