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A modern look for a modern IT company

Softensity is known for their quality web, app and software development methods. This requires staying up-to-date with technologies and standards. While their work results exemplified their capabilities, their client facing website did not. A modern, responsive website was needed to help better showcase what they offer.

A change was needed to imagery, typography and layout in order to improve the site's performance. The client gave me a blank slate to try and establish a clean design that would help increase conversions all the while further familiarizng their brand with the user.

Softensity Grid

Establishing brand guidelines for web

Softensity had not gone through a formal process to establish a set of rules for their brand in the digital space. This led to me to sample from the original design in order to select a palette of different colors, fonts varieties, and image types.

Softensity Brand

Let's get responsive

The Softensity site was not easily viewed when on mobile devices. It's outdated design also had outdated approaches to viewing the website on devices of all different sizes. I designed how the site would look on a mobile phone with the understanding that the layout was to be developed to be 100% responsive.

Softensity Design Patterns
Softensity Wrap Up

Softensity Website

Responsive Website

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Team: Jason Guevara

Role: Visual design, UI/UX design

Client: Softensity

Year: 2016

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