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A New Look for the Wellness Leader

Sharecare tasked me with designing and developing a new look for the company's home page that better represented and explained the company's goal to help people truly know their health.

Sharecare is a leader in the health and wellness space that provides users with information and insights through technology. Improving accessibility to content and newly developed features were paramount in accomplishing this task.

Sharecare Home Design Elements

New image, new imagery

The newly established brand guidelines for Sharecare's digital presence required that a change to imagery be made. This was necessary especially on the home page which was going to include more imagery than was present in the previous design. The new images needed to be natural, optimistic and relatable to communicate the helpful and positive tone Sharecare exudes.

Sharecare Trending Circles

Access to the experts

A major feature that was added to Sharecare's list of capabilities in 2015 was the Find a Doctor search that allowed a user to find a doctor based on location and speciality. Highlighting the search and profiles of a few experts greatly enhanced the experience of the home page.

Sharecare Home Expert Elements

Keep things trending

The massive amount of health-related content available on Sharecare is a difference maker. Giving the content the ability to show as popular or trending helped communicate relevance. Making it so that this information is promoted and made easily available was a task that helped complete the end goal of the redesign.

Sharecare Trending News

Sharecare Home Page

Responsive Web Page

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Team: Russell Babb & Jason Guevara

Role: Visual Designer, Developer

Client: Sharecare

Year: 2015-2016

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