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Sharecare Press Page

Transition from a simple list to a comprehensive library

Sharecare needed a more elaborate press page than they had initially. They wanted both news articles and press releases to be housed on the same page. Having all of the posts in one place also required searcha and filtering functions.

I was given the task of designing the page to be organized and easy to navigate. Social media streams for Twitter and Instagram were integrated in order to make this page the hub for all types of Sharecare media.

Press Page Grid

More content, less complications

Being able to expand the content of a page while keeping it user friendly requires consistency and useful functionality. The redesigned page utilizes design patterns that allow for the user to acclimate quickly.

Press Page Before and After

Keeping it social

In order to create an all-in-one media page, Sharecare's social channels Instagram and Twitter had to be present. Sharecare's effort to improve the quality of image-driven posts further served to enhance the experience of the page.

Press Page Social Images
Press Page Wrap Up

Sharecare Press Page

Responsive Blog Page

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Team: Jason Guevara

Role: Visual design

Client: Sharecare

Year: 2016

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Designed in the ATL.