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Promoting the app that can help you figure out "what's wrong?"

The AskMD app by Sharecare is the first step a user can take to get better care. It helps to figure out what could be ailing you and what you can do about it. An app of this caliber needs a proper marketing page to help explain its capabilities and to entice users to download it.

As a part of the Sharecare marketing design team, I was tasked with updating an older version of this page. I wanted to come up with a concept that conveyed the app's versatility all while denoting its ease of use. Minimal backgrounds with a static phone which screens change as you scroll was the result.

AskMD Elements

Sending a new message

The previous design for the AskMD page was constrained and was dated since its first iteration. The goal was to open up the design by making every element span the width of the screen. The page was to focus around the mobile app as opposed to the web-based version. Combine those simple directions and the modernization of the design began to take form.

AskMD Before and After

Many screens, one device

AskMD has many features from symptoms checking to finding the right doctor. In order to efficiently display all of these capabilties, a design pattern needed to be conceptualized and developed. As the user scrolls, the device appears to remain stationary as a result of some css trickery.

AskMD Animation

Keeping the content fresh

As the AskMD app gets more developed, the news of these progressions would be useful on its marketing page. A video promoting the apps integration with the Apple Watch was added in order to keep the users viewing the landing page in the know about these exciting advancements.

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Marketing Landing Page

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Team: Jason Guevara

Role: Visual design, Development

Client: Sharecare

Year: 2015

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Designed in the ATL.